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September 16th, 2006

I refuse to be mediocre. @ 11:37 pm

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My physical goals haven't taken off yet, but my career goals are in full swing. First, I'll talk about the physical, then I'll mention my career goals and plans for the future.

By this time, I wanted to be exercising at least 30 minutes day. My initial goal was to keep my weight down, but that's become a non-issue since I learned I have gallstones. Eating fatty foods increases my chances of pain, so maintaining my weight hasn't been a problem. In fact, I've lost a few pounds and have been fluctuating between 195 and 200. I'm pretty much at my ideal weight being 6'4", but I want to be more mobile, stronger, and have more stamina. So I'm still searching on how to squeeze in exercise time. My work hours have shifted to 7-4, so maybe I can squeeze in an afterwork jog at the park.

As for my career, work has been great. Very busy these first few months, but I feel that I've grown so much. I'm learning to manage my time. I want to hang out with friends and have fun like everyone else, but I also want to become a better developer and put myself in a position for a nice job either in Birmingham or New York, which is my next move in 1-3 years. I've had mild experience across a wide expanse of languages, but I'm determined to learn more Java during my personal time and grow from there. I think I'll start with the tutorials on jGuru. I've dabbled a lot, but I want to make a concerted effort to gain some meaningful experience. It will make me so much more comfortable in those difficult coding interviews.

Outside of those two topics, life has been ok. I was really regimented in my thinking coming out of my stint in Austin. I was ready to optimize everything and waste no time. I've become a little more realistic now that I've settled into my daily routine. I want to make progress in a few select areas, but I need to manage my time and be balanced in that progress. I'm in a meaningful relationship that I really see going places, and I have great friends that I shouldn't ignore. Meanwhile, I've been sacrificing all of my time to my job and that's not healthy. So I'm trying to divide my time up appropriately, take advantage of every moment and opportunity, and find ways to enjoy life.

Life is always a struggle, but I'm digging it. It would be boring otherwise and I'm stronger for the adversity. I better get some rest. I had a nice Saturday of being lazy, but I need to get some stuff done tomorrow. Peace and have a great week fam.
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The World Is Mine

Making an impact on the world around you.